Drive into the different destinations that snowmobiling can take viewers. Hit the powdery waves of the snowy wilderness in Idaho to discover cabins set deep in the woods, hidden yurts and secret hot springs. Snowfall is generous in the region of British Columbia and there is no shortage of powder and sporting groomed trails, glaciers and more perfect for solo adventures or with the family. Upper Michigan has over 6,500 groomed snowmobile trails and there is ample opportunity to explore the forests and snowmobile-friendly communities. Wyoming offers 2,000 miles of groomed and ungroomed trails and incredible scenery.


Dylan Rose

My favorite place to ride would be western Wyoming. It’s just so rugged with good access and I have kind of developed some good knowledge of the area from riding there often.
Earliest or best riding memory?
One of the best memories of riding for me would probably be the first time I went to the UP and rode off trail. I was on a sled not intended at all for off trail riding and was with some good friends who were experienced riders. It was so fun, the snow was super deep, and I got stuck more often than not. The experience just kept me wanting more and wanting to improve my riding skills!

Jack Sarama

Revelstoke, British Columbia, is my favorite place to ride. The extreme terrain combined with an incredible amount of snow makes Revy my favorite place on Earth to ride.
Earliest or best riding memory?
When I was two or three years old, I remember riding a kitty cat around our property. My dad would plow a track for me through our horse pastures and I’d ride for hours. Best memory: Spring Riding in Togwotee, winter of 2017, was one of the best riding memories I have. We had a stellar crew of riders together and built some massive jumps.

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